In yet another case of family member trustees gone wrong, Former St George Illawarra Dragons star Mark Gasnier has accused his brother of taking funds from a family trust as part of a long-running dispute.

Mark Gasnier and his brother Dean, are co-trustees of a family trust apparently established by their parents. According to the complaint, Dean, without the knowledge of Mark, made a number of withdrawals from the family trust and even went as far as faking the signatures of his parents John Gasnier and Janene Gasnier on financial documents including tax returns. The case is headed to the New South Wales Supreme Court.

Appointing an institutional corporate trustee might have prevented the dispute since corporate trustees typically include layers of checks and balances designed to prevent unauthorized withdrawals from occurring. If families still want someone within or close to the family involved, then appointing them as co-trustee with limited authority is a possible solution.

Perhaps this sibling rivalry should have been left on the Rugby pitch!

Source: Mark Gasnier accuses brother of mismanaging family trust