A Message for Professionals

If you are a professional working with individuals and families facing age transitions, you are invited to join the Wealth and Honor network under a "Professional" membership. For a limited time, there is no membership fee charged to professionals. We believe that families are best served by a team of experts and that in the multitude of counsel, there is wisdom. We do require that all professional members agree not to solicit professional services from our subscribers, and not to use the Wealth and Honor tools such as the Wealth and Honor Academy Forum to provide specific advice to any individual subscriber. You can refer your clients to Wealth and Honor with confidence, knowing that Wealth and Honor does not compete wth you for your client's business..

Benefits to Professional Members
  • Professional Profile Page -  You will have your own professional profile page that includes your background, experience, and professional credentials.
  • Generational Loyalty - Invite your clients to join Wealth and Honor and use the resources available to engage your client families in deeper conversations. You'll build generational loyalty in the process.
  • Learning - Increase your knowlege of working with older adults. Or, schedule a live workshop for your firm, or your professional association and receive CE Credits.
  • Forum Participation  -  Help our subscribers through the Wealth and Honor Academy Forum.
  • Publishing Options - Share you blogs, videos, and articles and have them featured on our website.
  • Professional Interviews - Participate in webinars, interviews, and live discussions.
Who Should Join?
  • Financial advisors
  • Geriatric healthcare providers
  • Senior Housing experts
  • Attorneys
  • Trustees and Fiduciaries
  • Family therapists
  • Social workers
  • Clergy